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Our Story

It all started about 115 miles from here…at Larry’s Ice Cream & Gelato!


Our love for the west coast of Florida led our family to find Larry’s Ice Cream & Gelato. A laid back ice cream shop established in 1984. The type of place you make memories with your family at. As our family grew, visiting Larry’s became a family tradition. In our visits, we sat with the owner, met his kids, and talked about business... little did he know he was such an inspiration to our own goals of pursuing something we loved where we could be apart of a community.


Building a Dream

So we did it - we took our love for ice cream, our kids and a big old leap of faith to open West Orange Creamery and Soda Fountain. We knew then that we wanted to have our own business that would allow us the flexibility to spend more time with our kids and as well become part of a community. Now, 14 years later, we can proudly say we have done both. We are so honored to serve our community, our customers, and raise our kids in our little shop.


Thank you all supporting our family business, it means more than you know!


The Evelands

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